Apple Blossom Hollow

My name is Ginger Roberts. I have several hobbies and an entrepreneurial spirit that comes from my dad. My mother instilled in me at an early age that I could do anything I wanted to do. I don't think I've actually figured out what I want to do yet, which is why I have so many hobbies. I have a full time job of computer programming, which I am doing quite well at. I insisted a long time ago that my hobbies make enough money to pay for themselves. Fortunately, they do that and more. I make lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products. I started sculpting a few years back, while looking into something for my daughters to do during the summer. I was bitten by the polymer clay bug, and haven't stopped sculpting since. My daughters still play with it from time to time, but I have dived into the hobby with a passion.

I started making dolls for a while, then switched to mainly fairies, which I sold on Ebay for a while. I had to come up with a company name that sounded 'enchanting' for my fairies, so I came up with Apple Blossom Hollow. At the time, my husband and I lived on a street named Apple Blossom Loop. After that, we moved to a larger house, but I kept the name because the apple blossom is Arkansas' state flower. Plus, I'd purchased the domain name already! I love the embroidery digitizing field as well. I have a few designs that sell quite well. They are here on this website as well. I love my life, my family, and my hobbies.


I am single now, just having left a 22 year relationship. It was a hard decision, but I finally decided that it had to be made after years of unhappiness due to abuse of every kind, and constant lies. I couldn't live like that any longer. If anyone else out there needs help, please get it. There is hope, and there is a way out. I'm much happier now that I'm not being hit, or threatened, or called stupid, or ugly, or any other name he could come up with at the moment. The words hurt almost as much as the fists, the knives, and the guns. I am now a strong advocate of battered women's rights. I speak at shelters, and donate my time and money when possible to the causes, try to get laws changed to help the victims since I used to be one of them. Like I said, I'm happier now.

I have 2 daughters, and 4 grandkids. I love spending time with them. I have a great support system that includes my daughters, my mother, and my five sisters. Together we are steel.

I sculpt one of a kind fairies and dolls and babies, paint, reproduce my own line of plaques and figurines, and digitize machine embroidery designs in my spare time. I'm always into something artistic and cool.